Bubble App

By Laura Cortés-Rico and David Aguirre

BubbleApp is a control system to automatize tests for evaluating oxygen transfer in water using standardized methodologies. This app allows registering data and controlling the process through these functionalities: i) Control the addition of chemicals to deoxygenate the water, ii) Log and set point for air mass flow control, iii) Register continuous data associated with the variables process: dissolved oxygen, water temperature, air flow rate, total dissolved solids in water, and air line pressure. It is also possible to couple three aerobic reactors (tanks) simultaneously. The system flexibility allows the user to configure the tests under which the oxygen transfer measurement is performed and the number of repetitions of these tests. This development is a product of the project IMP-ING-2930: "Nanoscale functionalized fine bubble difussers: Study of their useful life and oxygen transfer in activated sludge processes."


  • Principal Investigator: Andrés Baquero-Rodríguez.
  • Sensor characterization and data analysis: Leonardo Guzmán.
  • Hardware Development: David Aguirre.
  • Architecture Design and Software Development: Laura Cortés-Rico.


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