From the project Embroidering self-knowledge

Cala-ITU is a tangible user interface (TUI) to mediate knowledge dialogues between fashion or textile designers and traditional crafters from Cartago, Colombia. This TUI resulted from the project "Embroidering Self-Knowledge: Sistematization of experiences and participatory design of embroidery as a care practice in Cartago, Valle (Bordando el conocimiento propio: Sistematización de experiencias y diseño participativo del tejido como práctica de cuidado en Cartago,Valle)". This interface includes computational representations of the materialities and process related to the labour (fabric, needle, threads, stitches, etc.), a series of stamps (embroidered with conductive thread) that act as tangible widgets and correspond to calado stitches, and an Android App to draw and stamp the calado patterns.


  • Principal Investigator: Tania Pérez-Bustos
  • Co-Investigators: Rafael González, Manuel Franco-Avellaneda, Diego Corrales, Giovanny Piedrahita
  • Embroiderers: Doña Elsa González, Mercedez López, Olivia Giraldo, Celmira Henao
  • Designers: Isadora García, Lorena Guerrero
  • Ethnographers: Sara Daniela Márquez Gutiérrez, Victoria Tobar
  • Research Assitant and Digital Technology Developer: Laura Cortés-Rico.


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