Between Colored Threads

Web App

By Laura Cortés-Rico and Elizabeth Garzón-Morales

Between Colored Threads is a web app that uses P5.js to provide a toolkit to experiment with colored threads for embroidery, according to commercial standards. With this toolkit the web user is able to: 1. Choose a DMC or Anchor reference to obtain similar colors (references). 2. Choose a RGB color and know the closest reference. 3. Select an image and generating a color palette that the image inspires. Colors are shown in DMC, Anchor and RGB. It is available in Artesanal Tecnológica and the open source code in the github repository. This toolkit uses the DMC Embroidery Floss Article 117, and Anchor Standard.

The first tool takes the position of the DMC or Anchor reference in the RGB space and finds the 3-Nearest Neighbors; the second tool finds the nearest neighbor to the RGB color chosen. The third tool takes samples from the image and makes 12 clusters in the RGB vectorial space (using the K-means algorithm); then, it finds the closest neighbor, within the standard, to each cluster center. Finally, it chooses the eight best clusters: those with the maximum distance between groups and with more samples clusterized.


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