Textile Gestures

By Laura Cortés-Rico, Yuleisy Rincón-Saavedra and Alexander Rozo-Torres

Soft2Soft is a work-in-progress in which we are developing a toolkit for digitally recognising textile gestures. Here, "gesture" refers to an intentional hand movement with textile materials and tools: more than a simple action, a textile gesture, in the movement, expresses a feeling, an idea, or a thought. Soft2Soft seeks to provide tools that: 1. Allow the technical recognition of actions performed with e-textiles materials with an Arduino Library. 2. Guides to accompany the design process. 3. Examples of how to craft wearable and non-wearable textile interfaces.


  • Melo Betancurt, M. J., Rincón-Saavedra, Y., Cortés-Rico, L., & Rozo-Torres, A. «Soft2Soft: Toolkit for the Digital Recognition of Textile Gestures», C. Stephanidis, M. Antona, & S. Ntoa (Eds.), HCI International 2021—Posters (pp. 30–36). Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1420. Springer, Cham.


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