By E-motion Digital

Kuika is a videogame to promote literature reading with young people. The central narrative is that the stories in the books of a library are in danger, and the player has to save them by getting involved with the characters, locations, and stories in the book. This version is specially dedicated to "La Vorágine" (José Eustacio Rivera, 1994), so, respecting the author's work, the videogame uses literal quotations from the book as clues and invites the player to go deep into the jungle in the character of Arturo Cova to interact with Clemente Silva, Fidel Franco, la niña Griselda, or Barrera trying to save Alicia. During the crossing, the player fights against their dreams, knows parts of the dramatic history of rubber extraction, runs away from tambochas ants, and navigates a dangerous river, but like at the end of the book, "No trace of them [Arturo and Alicia]. The jungle devoured them!"


  • Director and Narrative: Mónica Arroyave
  • Technical Director: Laura Cortés-Rico.
  • Developers: Iván Rivera, Iván Chacón, Laura Cortés-Rico.
  • Art: David Díaz, Eduardo Rey
  • Sound and Music: Edgar Cortés


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