Magma Interactive Museum of Risk

By Picolab

MAGMA is an interactive space to communicate information about a dynamic Earth's risks. This museum looks forward to dialoguing with the citizens to promote a culture of protecting life. Its purpose is to contribute to the appropriation of Disaster Risk Management, especially for children and young, through knowledge exchange in learning scenarios and experiences. Picolab, as a supplier of Maloka, developed interactive scripts, multimedia applications and hardware for the interactive experiences: i) Introductory video, ii) How was the Earth formed?, iii) The science of natural phenomena, iv) Colombia, what we know about it, v) ABC of risk and vi) Community risk management. Maloka developed the museology script and lead the museum montage.


Maloka and UNGRD

Picolab Team:

  • Programming: Yuleisy Rincón-Saaveda, Daniela Garzón, Julián Rodríguez-Almanza.
  • Motion Design: Carlos Bahamón.
  • Video composition: Elizabeth Garzón.
  • Graphical Design: Daniela Garzón.
  • Audio Design: Edgar Cortés.
  • Hardware Assembly: Josué Rojas.
  • Manager: Giovanny A. Piedrahita.
  • Technical Director: Laura Cortés-Rico.


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