Colombian National Museum App

By Picolab

This application is an interactive archive of the collections exhibited in the Colombian National Museum Room 15: Ser y Hacer (To Be and To Do). Picolab, as a supplier, developed the application on Unity3D, to allow navigation throughout the collections in two possible modes: a 2D gallery, with the exhibitions classified according to the curator's taxonomy, and a 3D-360 navigation, with real photos captured in the room, ray-casting each work in the corresponding position in the real space to get more information.


Colombian National Museum

Picolab Team:

  • Programming: Sebastián Palomino, Yuleisy Rincón-Saaveda, and Alexander Rozo-Torres.
  • Graphical Design: Alexander Rozo-Torres.
  • Manager: Laura Cortés-Rico.
  • Technical Director: Laura Cortés-Rico.


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