By Picolab

Picolab received an award from MinCiencias (2015) to develop Tribuka, a strategy to integrate museums with digital technology, strengthening networks between diverse cultural spaces and between them and their public. Through gamification based on ICT, visitors become players to live the museum experience in a novel and participatory way, achieving missions and challenges to win points, increasing scores, getting symbolic awards and growing their characters. This strategy includes a web application for content management, an Android and iPhone mobile application for visitors (players), and a guide with the methodological approach to design missions (routes) with Tribuka.


  • Web Application: Visual C#, .NET, Bootstrap, SQL.
  • Mbile Application: Ionic, Angular.

Picolab Team:

  • Manager: Giovanny Piedrahita.
  • Technical director: Laura Cortés-Rico.
  • Information Architecture: Gabriel Piedrahita.
  • Back-End Development and Hybrid Mobile Development: Freddy Gómez.
  • Front-End Development: Gabriel Ávila and Laura Cortés-Rico.
  • Narrative and Communication: Mónica Arroyave.
  • Educational Leader: Manuel Franco-Avellaneda.


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